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Current Workshop: Gallery Management and Exhibition Studies

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Through informative and inspirational courses, Stim.u.lus inspires, educates and motivates people striving to work in the business art sector.

In association with London Miles Gallery, Stim.u.lus is proud to announce a new workshop developed to help you gain valuable hands on experience to work in an art gallery environment.
Starting this April 2011, the course, Gallery Management and Exhibition Studies is aimed at current art and business students, undergraduates and entreprenuers wanting to gain valuable hands on knowledge about how to manage an art gallery and organize art exhibitions.

Gallery Management and Exhibition Studies

The Gallery Management and Exhibition studies course was created by London Miles Gallery curator and manager, Tina Ziegler. The course will teach you the tools and requirements needed to work in an art gallery and manage art exhibitions, either on your own or for a commercial space.

The 8 hour programme will help you understand the day to day management of an art space, the responsibilities of a gallery manager and how to create, develop and organize an art exhibition from start to finish.

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About the course director

Gallery Management and exhibition studies course was created by London Miles Gallery manager and curator after recognizing a demand in the market for hands on experience from students and recent graduates wishing to work in an art business environment. The course was developed to supply individuals with the skills required to work in an art gallery or curate their own exhibitions.

Tina Ziegler has curated exhibitions in the UK, Spain and America. She is an experienced gallery manager and is recognized as playing an important role in introducing a new genra of contemporary art in to the EU. In 2010 she published her first book titled, Hunt and Gather-Discovering New art. Which takes a detailed look at over 40 artists internationally that are pushing the contemporary art market in a new direction. She is currently head curator and manager of London Miles Gallery, located in West London and runs her own personal art website, Huntandgatherart.com.